Lite Glassless Mirrors utilizes ground freight for all shipping.  Shipping 4-8 glassless mirrors generally costs the same as shipping just one glassless mirror.  Our products are insured for damage that is incurred during shipping. It is incumbent on the customer to examine the package for possible damage prior to accepting delivery.  If the package appears to have damage do not accept shipment.  If your mirror has been damaged in shipment, it is your responsibility to require reimbursement of your loss from the carrier.  You must make a full damage report to the carrier and request, in writing.  Inspection by the carrier of damaged contents within 5 days of receipt.  Do not destroy contents or shipping container until your claim against carrier has been settled.  Please contact Lite Glassless Mirrors immediately to advise of damage.

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Eliminate injury and liability with glassless mirrors.

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