Rolling Stand Installation Instructions

Rolling Stand Installation Instructions

Hardware includes:

  • 1 Left leg
  • 1 Right leg
  • 4‐#10 Screws

Installation Instructions

1. Locate the four predrilled mounting holes on the back of the mirror panel. Attach legs to the mirror as shown below with #10 screws (4 Included).

2. Line up the edge of the bracket with the edge of the mirror panel.

The film is tough, but can be damaged by fingernails or sharp instruments. If cared for properly, it should last indefinitely. Handle by holding along edges, only do not press down on mirror surface with your thumbs when holding mirror along edge. Do not put any weight or object on mirror surface when it is in a horizontal position.

Cleaning Instructions

Before attempting to clean the mirror, use dry compressed air to make sure all dust and debris are off the mirror surface (i.e. Dust Off). To easily clean finger marks or splashes, use a window cleaner by wiping gently with a soft, non‐abrasive cloth. Any dust or hard particles in the cloth or on the mirror may scratch the film surface. Should the film adhere to the backing panel, blow gently into the vent hole in the back of the panel.