Glassless Benefits

Glassless Benefits

Lite Glassless Mirrors are perfect anywhere you want a mirror.
Safe and lightweight to place everywhere you can’t have a glass mirror!

Weight:  Weighs a fraction of what a plate glass mirror of the same size weighs.  Our standard 4’ x 6’ mirror weighs only 10 pounds and the same size plate glass mirror weighs approximately 72 lbs.

Lightweight:  Easy to transport, ideal choice for non-load bearing applications.

Installation:  Wall Mount:  Because the glassless mirror is so light, it takes only minutes to install.  No preparation such as wall inserts or supports required.  Panels are pre-drilled for horizontal or vertical installation and mounting hardware is included.

Installation – Stands: The mirrors can be mounted either horizontally or vertically on either the stationary or rolling stands.

Storage:  When not in use, the mirrors on stands may be stored stacked for a space-saving solution.

Unlimited Applications:  Can be mounted on any surface. Glassless mirror panels can be suspended from a ceiling with wire, nylon line or affix with “Velcro”. Glassless mirror ceiling tiles can be installed in a standard ceiling grid system, or kept free standing on either a stationary or rolling stand, for moving and portability.

A closeup shot of a broken mirror.

Shatterproof:  The mirror will never shatter and will be able to withstand even the strongest vibrations and shock.

Lower Insurance Premiums:  Without dangerous shards of glass, glassless mirrors significantly reduce the likelihood of injury minimizing exposure to liability claims.  Some insurance companies offer lower rates – check with your insurance company.

Liability:  Many School Districts and Government Agencies across North America will not allow standard glass mirrors to be installed due to liability claims. Glassless mirrors are the obvious alternative. Complies with Food Safety requirements i.e HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

Resurfacing:  We are able to resurface any inadvertently damaged glassless mirror. Please contact us for more information.

Optically Clear:  Super clear high definition and amazingly brighter than glass, acrylic or plastic mirrors.  Glassless mirrors reflect the perfect mirror image and are free of any distortion.

Acoustical Properties:  Our mirrors, constructed with a foam backing, do not reflect back sound the way a hard surface plate glass does.

Easy to Keep Clean:  Because glassless mirror film has little mass, the problem of static electricity attracting dust particles to its surface is practically non-existent.  If the panel should get dirty, it can be cleaned by gently wiping using a mild glass cleaner and a soft cloth. For full details – click here.

Fog:  Glassless mirrors do not normally fog in high humidity areas such as bathrooms or swimming pools.

Thermal Insulator:  The polyurethane foam makes a glassless mirror panel a thermal insulator.

Safe:  Our Lite Glassless Mirrors have an ASTM E 84 CLASS A (CLASS I) Fire Rating. Please contact us if you require the Test Report.


Eliminate injury and liability with glassless mirrors.

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