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How is a glassless mirror made?
Our glassless mirrors are made from a highly reflective metalized film. The film is vacuum stretched around an aluminum frame to form a mirror. The raised lip of the frame provides an air space between the back of the film and the rigid foam core inside.
Does a glassless mirror weigh as much as a glass mirror?
No, a glassless mirror is a fraction of the weight of a glass mirror. For example, a glassless mirror panel 48″ x 72″ x 1 ¼” weighs approximately 10 pounds and a glass mirror of the same size weighs approximately 72 pounds.
Will a glassless mirror break or shatter like glass?
No, a glassless mirror has an inherent safety factor because of its soft surface and its light weight. However if you were to hit it, you could puncture or tear the surface, but there will be no shards of broken glass.

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How is a glassless mirror cleaned? Are there any special maintenance requirements?
Because the glassless mirror film has little mass, the problem of static electricity attracting dust particles to its surface is practically non-existent. In a room that is free of cooking grease or smoke fumes, little cleaning is required. If a panel should get dirty, it can be cleaned by using a mild glass cleaner and a soft cloth to avoid scratching the surface. Do not use paper towels or tissues, which are usually abrasive. Click here for cleaning instructions.
Does a glassless mirror panel have value as thermal insulation?
Yes, the polyurethane foam makes a glassless mirror panel a thermal insulator. The foam itself has an “R” value of 3.3 to 6.5 and the reflective quality of the film with its dead air space enhances this value.
Can a glassless mirror panel be used out of doors?
No, because over an extended period of time (18 to 24 month tests) we find that in a temperate zone climate, the polyester film will become brittle. In a warm climate and sheltered location, it might possibly be used. In a short term (several months) outdoor display it may also be considered. We recommend bringing it indoors over night.
Can a glassless mirror be used as an optical or front surface mirror?
Yes, a special grade of glassless mirror (94% reflectivity) is made specifically for use as front surface mirrors for optical purposes. These are available on special order (call for quote) and are most often used instead of glass when large size optical mirrors are required. We suggest that for optical applications, the projected image be contained within 1” of the edges of the glassless mirror surface to avoid minor image distortions that would be magnified in projection. Glassless mirrors used for general purposes have a reflection of 85-86%.
Can a glassless mirror be decorated, painted on, etc.?
Yes, a glassless mirror panel can be silkscreened or painted with acrylic paints for decorative effects or graphic treatments.
What are the smallest dimensions the mirrors can be made?
The best value for glassless mirrors is when larger glass sizes are required as small sizes are not cost effective. The smallest panels made are about 3×5″.
What are the largest dimensions?
Glassless mirror panel width is limited to 70″. However, panel length is theoretically limitless and can be customized for your requirements.
The sample we have is approximately 1/2 inch thick. Can it be made with a thinner frame?
Glassless mirror panel stability comes from the internal frame. Therefore, the thickness is related to the panel size. Standard glassless mirror thicknesses range from 1″ for the smaller panels to 2 1/2″ for the larger (over 60×108″).
Can a glassless mirror panel be cut or fitted on the job site?
No, each panel is a structural entity and cannot be cut in the field. Cut outs for HVAC and electrical panels can be made at the factory to your specifications, upon receipt of your drawings.
Does a glassless mirror panel have acoustical dampening properties?
Yes, because of its structural nature, a glassless mirror panel tends to absorb sound rather than reflect it the way a hard polished surface material (such as glass) will. A glassless mirror panel has sound-absorbing properties which become stronger as the frequency (Hz) range grows higher, making the glassless mirror panel particularly effective for public gathering places and schools with high noise levels.
What is the delivery time of an order?
Standard sizes are usually in stock and will often ship out the same or next day. If your item is not in stock we expect to ship it out within two (2) weeks. Actual delivery times may vary, although most items shipped via our trucking service, New Penn, will take 1-4 days to arrive. We can arrange a specific delivery day if needed. For very large quantities, we will discuss the order and delivery time with you. For custom orders please allow 4-8 weeks.
What is the warranty?
Lite Glassless Mirrors will only accept returns due to manufacturing defects. This warranty lasts for the period of 90 days from the date of sale.
What are the conditions of the returns?
Returns will not be accepted unless authorized by Lite Glassless Mirrors. If the mirror is damaged by a freight carrier, refuse it, write a report and if possible take pictures. Mirrors must be returned in original packaging and in good condition. Customers will be charged a 20% restocking fee for stock size mirrors and must be shipped pre-paid freight. No return on custom size mirrors.


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