Customer Feature: Metropolis Productions

Glassless Mirrors for Events

We love featuring our customers and this blog is all about Metropolis Productions, an entertainment event production company and a very unique customer who purchased our glassless mirrors for events’ rehearsals.

The 14,000 square foot Entertainment Complex, in Orlando, Florida, is home to the Creative, Event Design & Management and Operations Teams.

They are a leader in the events industry nationwide and have been since 1999.  Founded by Lisa and Richie Compton, two lifelong professional musicians and singers, the company has expanded its product line to include lots more than just musical options. Their performers have been seen on dozens of Grammy shows, in Theme parks and on cruise ships and not to mention at roughly 250 private corporate events each year for fortune 500 companies.

Their facility allows them to dream bigger, control costs and assure quality to their buyers. Everything they do for events is “in-house”, a big difference from competitors.

They have band rehearsal space, costume design and fabrication, aerial and acrobat training, dance floors with their NEW glassless mirrors! As Richie says, “We recently moved into our brand new facility and found the glassless mirror option to be the only way we would go for the future of our company. With acrobats and dancers, there’s always some risk involved with falling. The new glassless mirrors are so safe and that risk is eliminated for us now. We also find them to be more brilliant, with greater definition and less glare”. Perfect for events rehearsals!

Their most recent project to include our glassless mirrors is November 30th, at the new Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center in Orlando. They have aerialists and dancers appearing on a live taping for PBS for “FERNANDO VARELA’S –COMING HOME” concert. Fernando’s work with David Foster has led to worldwide acclaim and he wanted to play a show for his hometown and asked Metropolis-Productions to add some spice to the show.

We are so pleased our glassless mirrors are exactly what they needed!

If you are looking for mirrors for events, contact us – our glassless mirrors are the perfect choice.

To see more about them, visit

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