Care, Cleaning & Repair

Care, Cleaning & Repair

Care of Glassless Mirrors

If cared for properly, your glassless mirror should last indefinitely.  The film is tough, but can be damaged by fingernails or sharp instruments.  Handle by holding along edges only, do not press down on mirror surface with your thumbs when holding mirror along the edge.  Do not put any weight or object on mirror surface when it is in a horizontal position.

Cleaning of Glassless Mirrors

Before attempting to clean the mirror, use dry compressed air to make sure all dust and debris are off the mirror surface (i.e. dust off). To easily clean finger marks or splashes, use a window cleaner by wiping gently with a soft, non‐abrasive cloth (do not use paper towels).  Do not scrub the mirror surface or clean in a circular motion.

Any dust or hard particles in the cloth or on the mirror may scratch the film’s surface.

Should the film adhere to the backing panel, blow gently into the vent hole in the back of the panel.

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Got Dimples or Wrinkles….on Glassless Mirrors?

In the unlikely event of these happening, a heat gun (approx. 300°F temperature) can be used to remove dimples or wrinkles from the glassless mirror film.  Hold the heat gun more than 1" away from the mirror.  Keep the heat gun moving in a circular fashion working towards outside edge to avoid burning the mirror film.  Dimples and wrinkles will disappear! Should the film become scratched, the surface can be restored by lightly applying wax such as “Pledge” and gently polish with a soft cloth.


Eliminate injury and liability with glassless mirrors.

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