Glassless Benefits

Glassless Benefits

Do you know what amazing and versatile options are available for when you need a mirror? Like Glassless Mirrors!
We understand that you cannot have glass mirrors everywhere; hence here is a reliable, light, and extremely safe option just for you!

Weight: A typical mirror of ours (4’ x 6’) weighs only 10 pounds, while our mirror that is the same size as a plate glass mirror weighs about 72 lbs. Compared to a normal plate glass window, our option is extremely lightweight!

Lightweight:  As mentioned above, our products are very lightweight, making them perfect candidates for non-load bearing functions. Transporting them is extremely easy too.

Installation:  Since our products weigh so little, installing them hardly takes any time, a few minutes at the most. Ideally, you would use a wall mount, and we guarantee that no other form of provision is needed. Mounting hardware is included while panels are already put in place, whether it is for vertical or horizontal fitting.

Installation – Stands: You can use rolling stands to place our products horizontally or vertically.

Storage: We understand that sometimes you need to put stuff into storage. Hence we advise you to stack the mirrors on the stand when they are not particularly useful.

Unlimited Applications: The possibilities of how to use our products are endless! They can be affixed on any area; in fact, they can be installed on a ceiling using wire and nylon lines. Ceiling tiles for our products can be fitted in a grid system or unbound using a rolling stand.

A closeup shot of a broken mirror.

Shatterproof: Our mirrors can resist the mightiest tremors and jolts.They are indeed durable and highly resistant.
Lower Insurance Premiums:  Our products are considerably safer than actual glass mirrors due to the absence of glass. Hence, chances of liability claims will diminish drastically as injuries are unlikely. Get in touch with your insurance company for decreased costs.

Liability:  The dangers of actual glass mirrors in public spaces are self-evident. This is the reason why countless government agencies, school organizations, and food safety experts present in North America do not allow glass mirrors. Hence our products take away the risk of liability claims.

Resurfacing: Please contact us if you accidentally damaged one of our products. We could resurface the mirror.

Optically Clear: Glassless mirrors are much brighter and sport a higher definition as compared to glass or plastic alternatives. There is zero distortion, and you get the best bang for your buck!
Acoustic Properties:  Sound will not reflect and echo as it would with a traditional mirror. This is because our products are made with foam backing.

Easy to Keep Clean: To clean our products, use a typical glass cleaner by applying it on a piece of cloth and wiping it across the panel. Don't worry! As compared to traditional plate glass mirrors, glassless mirrors hardly attract any dust particles.

Fog: Were you annoyed when your plate glass mirrors fogged up due to humidity? Well, this problem is almost non-existent with our products!

Thermal Insulator:  Glassless mirrors act as thermal insulators due to the polyurethane foam attached to their panel.

Safe:  Our products have an ASTM E 84 CLASS A (CLASS I) Fire Rating, making them safe, dependable, and perfect for whatever application!


Eliminate injury and liability with glassless mirrors.

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